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Product Image Case of Daneson No. 9 Mint Toothpicks

Case of Daneson No. 9 Mint Toothpicks

$ 120.00

Our Mint Nº 9 is a blend of natural oils from several mint varieties along with peppermint, and a touch of wintergreen with sweet fennel.  All in it's a unique flavour akin to the north shore of Lake Huron where Daneson hails from.

As a general rule we like to under promise and over deliver - with this in mind each bottle has a minimum of a dozen toothpicks.

All natural ingredients.  

Our TRADITIONAL batch premium toothpicks are just that - traditional.  These recipes use all natural and often local ingredients blended in such a way as to bring you flavours that are welcoming and respected for how they can make you feel.  Enjoy

24 bottles

% include 'Wisepops' %