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Product Image Odoshi


$ 150.00

This watch is part of our new artisan collection using Sanada Obi, a tightly hand woven Japanese silk cord with a 400 year old history.  The sturdy 'Obi' material was originally used in the 1600's by Samurai warriors to wrap their sword handles and secure armor. Created on specialty looms by a collective of artisans outside of Kyoto, a full length of Obi can take up to 1 month to complete.  All original colors and patterns in deep tones of brown, green & blue are maintained to preserve its unique level of craftsmanship & durability.  The Sanada Obi is securely stitched onto a cuff style Italian leather strap and paired with a simple square dial with complimentary color hits on the numbers.  

Watch Size Large | Case Dimension : 1 1/2"

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