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Product Image 1'8" x 2'10" Vintage Persian Bidjar Rug

1'8" x 2'10" Vintage Persian Bidjar Rug

$ 150.00

Bidjar is a town in Persian Kurdistan located in north-west Persia. The Bidjar name is also used to describe the antique rugs that were produced in the many villages in the surrounding vicinity. The Bidjar is noted as being the stiffest carpet made; they are very heavy in relation to their size, and very thick and durable. All of the knots are symmetrical and the rows are beaten down during the weaving process producing a dense compact fabric. Given their thickness and construction Bidjar rugs can be difficult to fold. The many designs depict the Kurdish influence of the area and often floral and classical geometric motifs are employed as well as the use of large, whimsical medallion designs. The color palate is rich and jewel toned making the Bidjar a highly desirable rug sought after by designers.

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