Bloc ART

BlocART was started in 2010 by Cape Town artist Kenau Botha. Kenau studied Fine art (BA Fine Art, Mayor in sculpture) at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. After moving from her hometown to Cape Town she soon became involved as a model maker in the movie industry. The movie industry is quite a seasonal dependant industry in Cape Town, and often left her without work , and subsequently cash strapped.

With the upcoming birthday of a close friend, she decided that a handmade gift would have to do. She walked around the factories surrounding her studio, and found some random offcuts of antique wood from a furniture manufacturer. Determined that the pieces of antique wood were too beautiful to discard, she cut them up and glued them back together again and thus the first piece of BlocArt came to life! A beautiful big heart that still hangs in her friend’s bedroom wall.

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