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Ende Collective

It all started with the name Ende, one of the very first female artists to sign her artwork in the 10th Century. How marvelous to be the first of any kind in a world of manys. This concept of firsts and onlys is provoking as it can be translated into many things: moments, people, achievements, experience, etc. And yet, it is our desire to remember and recollect the ephemeral because it inspires us as a collective. 

Ende Collective represents the human desire to somehow articulate our individual being and experience through process and tangible materials. To create, if only to be remembered. To build, if only to reshape the world around us in hopes that it may perpetuate the inspiration.

Art as a unique extensions of one's self is the unspoken language of connection. I aim to explore this subtle communication through clean aesthetics, modern design and structure, and a conviction for achieving the perfect expression through object and form. 

-Krista Gambrel

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