Fab Funky Prints

Original illustrations, printed onto the real pages of antique British dictionaries and journals. Colourful vintage characters, magical creatures, whimsical Victorian engravings – each presented in sumptuous colours on real life British antiquarian history.

FabFunky Dictionary Prints bring the eccentric side of 19th century Britain into your home. Intriguing, vibrant images set on a backdrop of wild Scottish folk tales, magical Celtic legends, or deliciously out-of-date English journals and dictionaries.

Every print is unique. Each one is hand-designed and printed onto the original page – no one else will have the same piece. Some have “foxing” age marks, others include authentic corporation seals in the corner. Yours may even have handwritten notes made by a 19th century reader.

Illustrator Kelly Stevens is an established full time artist living and working on the south coast of the U.K. Kelly's images are printed directly onto the pages of antique dictionaries and gazetteers from the 1800's, which have aged over time to a mellow ivory patina. The end result is a charming and unusual artwork, that features vintage characters and timeless style. Because we use the actual pages from books, every piece is unique.