Fine Art | Guno Park

Originally from Seoul, Korea and raised in Toronto, Canada, Guno Park received his MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2011, and has been drawing, exhibiting, illustrating and teaching drawing in New York City ever since. His work hangs in many private collections and has been widely published.
"I draw constantly in my sketchbook. I draw on the subway, in cafe’s and anywhere else I find a spare moment. Drawing is the most immediate and satisfying way for me to depict life. Feeding from the public in spaces within the city, I find inspiration from behaviors of people, and the flow of society through its laws, systems, religions and nature. To me, the existence of all the components of life can seem harmonious at times but always prove chaotic. It’s an ongoing cycle of life that continuously come together (birth) and at the same time, continuously fall apart (death). These are reasons of my constant recording, to capture that place in passing time through my eyes, mind and hand. It’s a way of keeping a visual journal of my surroundings, fellow humans and their behaviors."

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