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Idiosyncrasies are all around us. They exist in our speech, our habits and even our thoughts. They may be as innocuous as a simple "quirk" or as obstinate as a life-long wont. And as peculiar or benign as these tics may be, they are the behavioral fingerprints that help to define us as individuals. This show features four artists--Park, Lundy, Rispoli and Yoshida --whose work is rooted in the refinement of their own personal, idiosyncratic tropes.

The artworks presented in this selection of drawings highlight four unique visual-languages constructed through both formal and conceptual motifs. Like a signature, each of these artists uses fluent line-work producing trademark patterns specific to their own hand. En masse, the culmination of these seemingly default gestures belies the fact that there's a complex arrangement of thought governing each individual stroke of the pen or brush, and when fully understood, it becomes clear that these choices permeate beyond the surface of the artist's oeuvre, stepping ever deeper into very nature of how they choose to perceive and experience our world.

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