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The numbers one, six, five have special importance to designer Kaleigh Shrigley.

These are the numbers of her mother’s home address, where she spends some of her happiest moments. ONESIXFIVE is heavily influenced by the comforts of home. The precious materials and simplistic designs allow the pieces to be worn everyday to the wearer’s most-loved places.

ONESIXFIVE Jewelry was founded in 2014 by Kaleigh and creativity connoisseur Claire Lowe.  Though Kaleigh possessed the metalsmithing background, Claire fell in love with metal within the first 20 minutes of Kaleigh teaching her the ropes.  Now, each piece in the collection is completely handmade in their studio in Columbus, Ohio.  Onesixfive is entirely handmade because they feel that without that, the character of the piece is lost.  

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