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Jewelry | Shannon Koszyk

"Fortune favors the bold" - a fitting motto for Seattle-based designer Shannon Koszyk.

Shannon finds strength and beauty in the unconventional with an affinity for juxtaposing dark and light, luxury and grit.

Shannon is drawn to antiquity: crucifixes that have been worn smooth over the years, coins that have passed through many people's hands, heavy oxidized sterling chains and tumbled beads. Every piece has its own history with a contemporary bent.

Meticulously handcrafting each piece, Shannon labored to find the perfect balance between spirituality and elegance, boldness and grace.

Shannon collaborated with Currey & Company in 2013 launching a lighting and furniture line. Shannon Koszyk's aesthetic is edgy, sexy, dark and dangerous, yet it appeals to a wide range of jewelry and design devotees. As with her jewelry designs, Shannon's lighting is multi-layered and replete with historical and religious symbols. Her new products are both ethereal fantasia and ruggedly tough with a strong rock 'n' roll influence.

All jewelry pieces are hand crafted in her Seattle studio using semi-precious and precious gemstones, heavy sterling chain, 14k gold, leather, bronze and diamonds.

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