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Fine Art | Jim Ebersole

Jim Ebersole is a painter living in Brooklyn, NY, who paints landscapes and urban views in a traditional style. His influences include Edward Hopper, the Hudson River painters, Constable and Corot among other. He graduated from the Pratt Institute and has a master’s degree in art history from Hunter College. More recently he has studied with local artist and teacher Andrew Reiss.

He has long found inspiration from a wide variety of architecture and spaces in Brooklyn from the ornate brownstones of Park Slope to stark industrial settings like Gowanus and Red Hook, as well as the green spaces of Prospect Park. For years he painted outdoors in all seasons. More recently he has been using studies done on location to produce larger, more finished studio paintings.

“I'm trying to find the spiritual in the natural and man-made environments by studying the effects of light on forms. I connect with the history of art by using compositions and techniques that are rooted in the traditions of western painting.”

In 2015 Ebersole was invited inside the Red Hook Container Terminal by Brooklyn-based not-for-profit Portside NY to document the historic ship Mary A. Whalen in the last weeks she was berthed there before being moved to her new home in the Atlantic basin. He spent several days making studies in oil and charcoal of the ship and the large cranes that load and unload container ships. These have become the basis of a series of oil paintings done in the studio.

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