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Fine Art | Kim Frances

Kim’s work is an expression of her reverence for the earth.  Made by hand with earth, heart, spirit and soul, her work is the reflection of her life, artistic evolution and continual creative challenge.  The various qualities and colors of earth provide the natural pigment and essence of her pieces. She allows the materials to inspire and guide her, she lets them lead the way.

Organic material such as earth, ash, sand, clay and beeswax predominate her artwork. The grid is often visible beneath the layers of earth. In a dance of containment and liberation, the elements transform one another. Her work is the building up of numerous textures and layers, of additions and subtractions, of harmony and discontent, while staying grounded. Her pieces progress in unison with one another and evolve slowly over time.

Kim’s background in design, love of simplicity and well-crafted elegance is the undercurrent of her artwork.  She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the California College of the Arts where she received her BFA in design.  She lives and works in San Francisco.


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