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Telegrafos Marcelo

Collier West Gallery is pleased to present “Telégrafos” by Marcelo Daldoce, on view September 7th through October 3rd.

Marcelo Daldoce’s current body of paintings references the Brazilian Telegraphic Commission of the 1890’s. This commission intended to integrate, using telegraphic lines, the very isolated Western region of Brazil with the developed East.
In the course of constructing the line, the man in charge — Marechal Cândido Rondon — encountered many indigenous groups which had never had contact with civilization.
These encounters were first met with aggression. Once, Rondon was nearly killed by a poisoned arrow, but insisted that his men not retaliate. Rondon’s motto was: “Die if need be, but never kill.” Rondon had a partly indigenous heritage; he was a humanist and a follower of the philosophy of Positivism. These attributes eventually established cordial relations with the natives.



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