WAXen Vine: The Photography of Kim Meinelt & Scott Irvine

Collier West Gallery is pleased to explore the photography of husband and wife duo
WAXenVINE, whose combined and individual vision convey a sense of timelessness and mystery.

Scott Irvine and Kim Meinelt have a long history with art and photography that delves deep into a connection with portraits and landscapes, expressing a narrative of a lost era. Their work evokes conflicting emotion.  Subjects appear majestic and destitute, delicate and indestructible.  A fantastic fable yet deeply real. Looking at their images there is an intuitive sense that things have happened – a recording in time. Traces of unbridled energy and whirling movement can be felt.  But it is all in the past.  What remains is stillness.  Spent emotion, exhaustion.  Raw and exposed.  Inner beauty revealed.  The true self, as seen in that single unguarded moment. Landscapes and urban settings evoke nostalgia and mystery.  Cityscapes and Brooklyn-scapes are captured in the present yet appear as if from a time that remains only in our imagination. The photographs have been manipulated to provoke a surreal experience, somewhere between reality and a dream.