$ 10.00


  • Made with magic, love and intention at House of Intuition using Lemon, Geranium, Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Helichysum and Rose essential oils and distilled water.
  • 1 oz glass bottle

Start again by welcoming new beginnings and positive change. This fresh, organic citrus aroma dispels stagnant energy to welcome newer and better vibrations. Great for resetting and centering oneself.

Marlene Vargas, co-founder of House of Intuition says...

“Herbal medicine is high on our priority list. Anew was created to reset your energy field. To remove energies off your aura that do not serve you and bring you back into balance. The essential oils used for this blend are to help remove stagnant energy and to welcome newer and better vibrations while showering you in love so you have a sense of safety and security.”