Apple Green Handmade Wine Glass
Apple Green Handmade Wine Glass
$ 20.00

Apple Green Handmade Wine Glass

A beautiful handblown wine glass made in a fresh, zesty green matched to English apples. An old colour dating from the end of the 16th Century.

Lighter and finer, they echo the shape of our tumblers.
Mix and match with our jugs and carafes and set the table with our artisan-made glassware.
Hundreds of tiny air bubbles in the glass create a light, bubbly effect and add to the uniqueness of this charming range designed for every-day dining.
Made from colourful recycled glass. 

250 ml capacity/ 0.5 Pint US  & dishwasher safe.
85 mm D x 135 mm H
3.3" D X 5.31'' H