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Product Image Austin Press Sanctum Charcoal Soap

Austin Press Sanctum Charcoal Soap

$ 16.00


Nomad's Mountain: Resinous woods, fiery spices, wild animals, & earthy fougere.

Gentleman's Club: Fine cologne, leather chairs, white bouquet, rosewood, & smoke.

Artist's Studio: Jasmine tea, chocolate nibs, exotic oud, & notes of Erik Sati (French composer and pianist).

Girl's Trailer: Bulgarian roses, purple lilac, musky velvet, & clove cigarettes.

Ladies' Cabin: Field flowers, chopped logs, flowing river.

Monk's Library: Cloister walls, ancient manuscripts, sacred chants, & Arabian myrrh

Farmer's Garden: Cut grass, freshly turned soil, tiny flowers, & herbaceous plantings.

Cowboy Camp: Midnight campfire, dirty denim, tobacco, horsehair, & sappy pine


4 oz Hand-made by Austin Press Packaged in hand-crafted letterpress boxes.
Made in San Francisco

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