Avva Carafe and Stopper
$ 80.00

Avva Carafe and Stopper

Avva Carafe & Stopper | 32 fl. oz. | 8 1/2" H including the stopper
Mouth-blown Non-lead Crystal 

The mouthblown crystal Avva Carafe echoes the Avva series' focus on complementary angles and is the perfect addition to our Avva Tumblers and Whisky Lover. The cork stopper doubles as a small bowl for drink garnishes, ice or whisky stones and is shaped to accommodate and store an inverted Avva Tumbler when not in use.

Available in Clear, Charcoal Gray, Lantern Green and Shoal Blue derived from centuries’ old proprietary “recipes” of metallic oxides.

Dishwasher safe – stopper best cared for by hand.