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Baikal Necklace
Baikal Necklace
$ 335.00

Baikal Necklace

Our stunning Baikal Necklace is composed of two asymmetrical parts linked together – a shorter patterned segment and a longer metallic segment. All gold for our Pink Clay palette and all silver for our Cloudscape palette. The linked design in this multi-stranded necklace allows for the piece to be adjusted for a layered look.  

The Alluvial Collection showcases our work with palette and pattern design. The collection explores the dynamics of color and pattern development through use of color blocking, pairing and sequencing. Through this we've created a collection of pieces that range in volume – soft and subtly detailed to bold and statement-making. 

Our two palettes, pink clay and cloudscape, build off of the same color base – a rich earthy ochre and a dramatic matte black. The pink clay palette features a warm blush accented with gold. The cloudscape palette centers around a cool blue grey that pairs beautifully with silver accents.


Length – 34"
Materials – Matte glass beads, 24k gold-plated glass beads, silver galvanized glass beads, and 14k gold-filled findings.