Capers in Sea Salt
$ 30.00

Capers in Sea Salt

Capers are the unopened flower bud of the caper plant. Pantelleria's volcanic soil is high in minerals which makes its capers very flavorful and often considered the best in the world due to their color, firm texture and delicate flavor. Use them to add a rich umami flavor to pasta dishes, fish, meat, salads and appetizers. Before using, rinse salted capers in a colander and soak in fresh water for a couple hours. Kazzen was founded in 2004 by the D'Ancona brothers with the mission to develop and preserve the native capers and agriculture of their home, the beautiful Italian island of Pantelleria, in the Mediterranean sea between Sicily and Tunisia. The volcanic island is also home to native varieties of oregano and grapes, which feature prominently in their products. Their production facility is situated right beside the growing fields so the fresh produce travels only meters to be processed.

Net weight: 150 g/5.29 oz

Ingredients: capers, Marino sea salt