Coconut Grove Travel Eau de Toilette
$ 32.00

Coconut Grove Travel Eau de Toilette

Stylish and sparkling. Discover an aroma that’s joyfully addictive.

Citrus notes of bergamot, lime and zesty mandarin, both deliciously sugary and tongue-tingling sour, are muddled with crushed coriander and mint. The heart is awash with tropical coconut, as if fallen fresh from the tree, then infused with lush palm leaf, jasmine and ylang ylang tones. Underneath, a twist of almond-like tonka with creamy sandalwood provides comforting caramelised warmth.

Every enchanting 6ml Eau de Toilette, is a taste of the extraordinary and the exquisite when spritzed on the skin. It’s just the beginning of your fragrance memory to be made.

Made in England

Size: 6ml / 0.21 fl. oz.