Caswell Massey | Lake 3.4 oz Tonic
Caswell Massey | Lake 3.4 oz Tonic
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Caswell Massey | Lake 3.4 oz Tonic

Yellowstone Lake, deep in the heart of Yellowstone Park, is framed with a bounty of several unique species of plants that only grow at high elevations. Our Yellowstone Lake Fragrance Tonic is a robust citrus floral tonic that open with a burst of golden citrus verbena paired with lively goldenweed. At the heart, aromatic blue lupine joins a bouquet of mixed wildflowers and fresh lavender, as amber and sheer musk add warmth and depth at the base.

Fragrance Family: Citrus Floral
Top Notes: golden citrus verbena, goldenweed
Heart Notes: blue lupine, wildflowers, lavender

Base Notes: amber, sheer musk