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Product Image Like a Boss Hobo Sign Cross Stitch

Like a Boss Hobo Sign Cross Stitch

$ 25.00

If you are a frequent traveler or you know one, you know how comforting it is to come back to a warm meal, a clean bed, and familiar surroundings. During the Great Depression, traveling workers rode the rails looking for work. Because they weren't familiar with the areas they stopped in, they developed a symbolic language among themselves that would help them communicate quickly whether the communities they were approaching would be hospitable or hostile toward them and what they could expect from the homes and people there. The system of symbols included commentary on whether there were barking dogs, police nearby, a likely mark, or a kind woman who would offer dinner if she heard a pitiful story. The 1930s were a long time ago, and we -- hobos or not -- have lost the ability to read these signs without translation. For your consideration an updated sign that is likely more familiar to us as digital world-travelers symbolizing the boss-like quality with which one might do things. Display "Like a Boss" in your home or office without shame or fear of judgement, for the admiration of others thanks to your obvious taste and skill. (LIKE A BOSS, in other words.)

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