$ 25.00


  • Flavor notes: malty, rich, green
  • Ingredients: Organic Matcha, Toasted Brown Rice.
  • Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Net Wt. 2oz

Anna, co-founder of Leaves and Flowers says...

“Early on we met a wonderful Japanese woman who imports exquisite Japanese teas, one of which is the Matcha Genmaicha. We chose to carry this tea because of its delicious flavor and vibrant color. Personally, I love Matcha and really like the sweetness of it paired with the nuttiness of toasted rice. Matcha Genmaicha is one of my favorite morning teas, but I also reach for it in the afternoon when I need a little boost. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins. It both gives energy but also calms and clears the mind.”

Brew Directions: 3g or 1T tea to 8oz water (190F˚). Steep for 1 min. Re-infuse.