Time to Draw Deck : 45 Creative Exercises (Cards)
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Time to Draw Deck : 45 Creative Exercises (Cards)

The cards offer a mix of prompts to improve focus, practice skills, or break through blocks and experiment. Keep the deck by your desk and pull a card at random, choose a card every week for a year, or toss the deck in a bag as screen-free entertainment for travel or group gatherings. Whether you're just starting your creative journey or you're ready to shake up an existing drawing practice, these activities will help you integrate the joys and benefits of drawing into your everyday life.


CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: Keep this deck close at hand for easy anytime creativity. Housed in a sturdy slipcase, these cards are easily stored on your desk or bookshelf yet compact enough to pack in a bag for on-the-go creative prompting. Each card includes a suggested length of time for the activity, so it's easy to choose a card based on the amount of time you have, and most activities are easily accomplished in any setting. On the phone? Long flight? Need a five-minute de-stressing session? There's a card for that!


MIX & MATCH FOR MORE VARIETY: The cards are color-coded into three categories: Skills, Focus, and Fun. Choose a card by category or select one card from each category and combine the prompts (for example, mix Skills and Focus) for even more variety!


FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: These exercises are inspired by traditional art school assignments, meditation and art therapy practices, and the professional techniques artists and cartoonists rely on to stay open and curious. Whether you're a seasoned artist looking to expand your horizons or a casual doodler looking for low-pressure drawing activities, this deck makes it easy and fun to build up skills and stretch your creative muscles, at your own pace.


EXCELLENT BOREDOM BUSTER: Whether traveling or stuck inside on a rainy day, these playful drawing activities are a perfect way to bust boredom with a little analog creative fun.


Perfect for:
  • Art students, aspiring artists, and anyone who wants to engage their creative side
  • People who love adult coloring and other forms of mindful creativity
  • Creative, screen-free group entertainment for gatherings with friends or family
  • An entertaining gift for birthday, graduation, holiday, or vacation travel
  • Stuffing into a stocking or pairing with a set of pencils, markers, or a how to draw book
This handy deck of drawing prompts delivers just the bite-sized encouragement that beginners crave and makes it easy to start drawing anytime, anywhere and keep drawing.