VANG Pillow
$ 142.00

VANG Pillow

Weaving the Beauty of Nature into Every Stitch

If you are seeking handmade luxury custom designer pillows to add rich texture, cozy warmth, and a relaxed elegance to your living room or bedroom, look no further than Bryar Wolf’s original African Mud Cloth Designer Handmade Collection to inspire your pillowscape. Hand-dyed using river mud and tree leaves in Mali, West Africa—and then designed and hand-sewn by artisans in the natural paradise of Bend, Oregon—our designer collection is among the finest handcrafted global textiles available for the modern home. With an abundance of hand-selected one-of-a-kind designs, shapes, and color choices (4,000 in all), you’ll surely find the perfect designer pillows that feel exclusively made for you.

  • Available in Cover-Only or Cover-with-Insert
  • Custom premium down inserts made of 100% premium cotton are naturally luxurious and breathable 
  • 233-thread count fabric ensures comfort and pure quality
  • Soft pillow inserts are made of 10% down / 90% gray duck feathers, alternative insert options are available upon request  
  • Down inserts are generally two inches larger than the pillow covers for a richer, fuller look
  • Pillow back made of natural and non-toxic linen
  • Dry cleaning recommended to prevent color fading
  • U.S. residents enjoy free shipping
  • Note:  Each pillow is one-of-a-kind with its own unique custom stitching and design.

Made from Nature: The Story of African Mud Cloth 

At Bryar Wolf, we believe the magnificence of nature shouldn’t remain outdoors. Nature should inspire you to invite that beauty, color, and imagination inside to accentuate your communal spaces, couches, sofas, and beds. That’s why all the fabrics we select for our pillows are woven from the finest natural fibers and exquisite threads from around the world.

Our African Mud Cloth Designer Handmade Collection is no exception. This rich cotton fabric comes from Mali where artisans and makers come together to create “Bògòlanfini,” or African mud cloth. The fabric, like its name, is derived from mud or earth, “bogo” and cloth “fini.”

According to Malian tradition, mud cloth is a symbol of status, bravery, and good fortune. Hunters wear the cloth for protection from danger–and women, as a rite of passage, when girls enter womanhood. Believed to ward off pain and negative forces, new mothers wrap mud cloth around their infants.  

From Farm to Furniture

The premium cotton for our pillows and covers are grown on Mali’s small, local fair-trade farms. After harvest, the cotton is gathered and collected in buckets, the seeds are removed, and the cotton fibers are twisted and spun by hand. A few feet away, artisan weavers entwine the threads using a foot-powered loom, then cut and sew the strips of cotton together to prepare for the dyeing process.  

Artisans hand-dye and decorate the cloth with a mixture of fermented river mud and tree leaves. Next, symbols and patterns are painted on the cloth that embody cultural significance. When decorating is complete, the fabric hangs on trees to dry in the sunshine and soon it’s ready for export.

When the African mud cloth reaches our high desert showroom in Bend, Oregon our designers hand-select the finest pieces and our seamstresses begin the effort to handcraft luxury designer throw pillows for our customers to cherish and experience on their favorite furniture.

When you purchase a Bryar Wolf handcrafted pillow from the African Mud Cloth Designer Handmade Collection, you not only own a colorful and well-appointed pillow made directly from nature, but you also own a beautiful artifact and piece of craftsmanship with a globally inspired story to tell and treasure for years to come