Urban Apothecary | Verbena Leaves Fragrance Diffuser
$ 60.00

Urban Apothecary | Verbena Leaves Fragrance Diffuser

A sparkling scented memory reliving the moment of sipping zingy verbena tea, eyes wild with delight at the lemony surprise. Verbena Leaves transforms any mood with its sunny disposition, it’s cheerily vibrant! A respected cure-all, verbena is a super-herb. That’s why in our aromatic apothecary we place it at the center of this fragrance as an antidote to the blues. This refreshing and revitalizing Verbena Leaves scented diffuser is like a butterfly bursting from chrysalis. The scent of verbena leaf crushed between finger and thumb is transformative. Notes of verbena, lemongrass and zest of chilled citrus need no coaxing to create a crescendo of lemon-scented leaves, stems and fruits. In subtle support, a woody accord of cedar, sandalwood and patchouli lends a hint of earthy naturalness and the fresh outdoors.

Dimension:200ML / 6.7 FL. OZ