Whiskey and Woof Candles 2.5 oz
$ 22.00

Whiskey and Woof Candles 2.5 oz

Whiskey & Woof candles are made with a proprietary coconut wax blend. All of our candles are certified by Leaping Bunny as cruelty free.

Whether it's the whiskey candles, which are more musky or the woof inspired candles, which are more floral and citrus based, every scent has been formulated by Founder & CEO Coco Quill. That's right, no dupes here. All original. Scent development is an art form for Whiskey & Woof products. 


No. 8 Hedonist (Whiskey & Leather)

No. 16 Fira (Blood Orange + Bergamot)

No. 17 Luxuriate (Whiskey + Cashmere Musk)


No. 25 Brooklyn (Palo Santo + Frankincense) 

No. 60 Coquette (Dark Rose + Fig)

No. 69 Summer of Sex (Bergamot, Pomegrante, Oud & Ambergris)