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17 Oct

Robbii - "Collages and Assemblages"

Robbii, "Monarch," 20" x 20" x 5"
tiger nautilus shell, German candelabra, misc. brass hardware, flywheel, wooden crate

Robbii, Foundlings


"I have been collecting stray bits and pieces of interesting objects for years. Not having anything in particular to do with them, they just lived with me. Since 2007 I started to give these stray objects a home and I called them Foundlings. With artificial mechanisms, parts of unknown objects and natural elements, they speak of some unknown purpose or history. Each with its own kind of suggestive dialog. To date, I have created over 100 pieces."

"I take a very methodical approach to creating my assemblages. Found objects are arranged in a formal style following in the tradition of such artists as Joseph Cornell and Louise Nevelson. Balance, composition and texture are integral elements of my work that act as a means to explore the redemptive qualities of discarded material. Ultimately, in contrast to their humble origins, these assemblages transcend the found quality of their individual parts to become shrine-like objects of beauty."


Robbii's work will be featured along artist David Barnett during the opening reception of David Barnett - Robbii: Collages and Assemblages" on October 21st from 6 - 8 p.m. at CW Gallery, 375 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn NY 11217

Robbii, "Outside In," 6" x 6" x 4"
-sea urchin shell, brass frame parts, brass hardware, gear

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