Sonjas work is produced by hand, using the traditional methods of jewelry making like sawing, forging, soldering. She works mostly in classic materials as in metals and stones/ pearls. Much like an architect, She set out with a unique vision and carefully select her materials . Sonja designs a piece and then start constructing , layer by layer. 

She studied jewelry design and the art of craft at the bench in Pforzheim which is well known for its jewelry production as all well as for its design schools in Germany/Europe.

With her degree as a jewelry designer Sonja started working in galleries in Munich as well in the highly reputed Galerie HILDE LEISS in Hamburg to add practice and real life experience to her portfolio.

Sonja came to NYC in 1997 and since then she has been living and working out of this exciting city …..

Ideally she would like her jewelry to have the power to help express the personality of the person who wears it and to serve as an extension of their uniqueness and individual character.