Pete Sinjin

Pete Sinjin does the majority of his painting work in the style known as ‘plein air’. Working outdoors allows him to respond honestly to the scene that he aims to capture and keeps him engaged with the natural changing conditions of the day as well as the local activity around him. 

You’ll find Pete most days somewhere in the city with my brushes, portable easel, and a wooden palette, set up on a busy street corner or under a bridge or standing on a bus island. 

Pete’s takeaway from all the creative explorations mentioned above is that for him, it all comes down to the story. Whether it be music, theater, or visual art, his heart has always been fixed on the narrative. A good painting tells a good story and asks the viewer to bring their own imagination, their own ideas and possibly their own memories to the scene. Just like a listener brings their own experiences to a song, the best paintings ask the person looking to engage themselves, to ask their own questions and draw their own conclusions about what they’re seeing. Pete’s grandest hope and ambition is that his paintings resonate in a way that makes you, the viewer, feel like your story is there on the canvas  as well.