Michiyo Fukushima

Award winning fine artist specialized in watercolor, Michiyo Fukushima lives and works in New York City. She has exhibited her work in NYC, Miami(FL), Charleston(SC), Kent(CT), Ginza & Shinjuku(Tokyo), and Umeda(Osaka). The International Herald Tribune, Fine Art Connoisseur, American Artist, Splash series, Pratique DES Arts (French), and Bijustu no MADO (Japanese) among others have featured her work in the past. 

As an expert in her field, she has been teaching at a number of reputable art schools and institutions throughout the city (New York Academy of Art, Art Students League of NY, New York School of the Arts), as well as online (michiyoart.com). She has her works in private, museum (New York Historical Society), and corporate collections. 

Even though she studied drawing and painting in high school, she pursued a career as a professional photographer for several magazines in her early 20s. While enjoying photography, she felt it wasn't really fulfilling her passion for creation and decided to study abroad to get back to art again and to broaden life experience. She moved to NYC in 1997 and her encounter with watercolor was rather by accident as it was the only class available at that time of registration but she quickly fell in love with this lively translucent medium.