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Handmade Paper + Photographic Prints

Father and son photographers, each acclaimed in his own right, Dennis and Roy Barloga combine their separate expertise and visions in collaboration on this series of Studies. Their arresting black and white feather photography prints are giclée printed on unique paper, handmade from the bark of the daphne plant by women's cooperatives in Nepal. Totally handcrafted, each piece of paper is unique, with slight variations in color and thickness. Barloga photography giclée prints are individually printed, titled and signed in pencil.

Nepalese handmade paper is made from the fibrous inner bark of the high elevation daphne plant.

Kozo - Amate paper is handmade by the Otomi Indian artisans of Mexico. Mulberry and amate barks are boiled and beaten into a cloth like paper. 

Each sheet differs slightly in weight, color, and squareness ensuring that no two pieces are the same. 

*English water color paper available as well

USA. Small, 9"W x 14"L, Large, 20"W x 30"L, Grand Format 40"W x 60"L

Professional Framing Options available, as well as our Iron & Leather Rails, or Acrylic Enclosures for most sizes.