Rick Secen | "Performance from a Dark Train" Print
$ 150.00

Rick Secen | "Performance from a Dark Train" Print

12 x 9 Print (Signed), 2021

19 x 13 with border 

Rick Secen is a Brooklyn-based artist who has been working primarily in oil painting since 2015. After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005, he moved to New York City to pursue sound editing for film.

Coming from a film-making background, his instinct in painting leans heavily on the art of storytelling. In 2018, Rick had his first solo exhibition, titled City Witness.

Capturing scenes of New York City life with a particular eye for the changing character of light, Secen’s art evokes the experience of the seasons in the five boroughs. From the bright skies of spring and the enveloping rays of summer sun, to the sharp shadows of fall and the cool softness of winter light.

In January 2022, he had his second solo exhibition titled Guiding Lights, at Established Gallery in Downtown Brooklyn.  The show portrayed characters in isolation having a direct interaction with light.  This collection, and his continuing work, contain a strong emotional duality.

Later that same year, Secen was invited by the Municipal Art Society of New York to show his work in their Doris C. and Alan J. Freedman Digital Gallery.   The show was titled A Light in the City.