SKT Ceramics

Susannah Tisue, founder of SKT Ceramics, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her furniture maker husband, Michael Miritello ( and their son, Theodore. Susannah and Michael have been collaborating on projects since their days at NYU, where Michael's confidence and ease with the table saw won Susannah over. Both incorporate their fine art/conceptual art training into their work, and value the well made and carefully considered object. Creating community and ensuring quality over quantity by making and buying locally drives the side by side SKT/Michael Miritello studios, and the low environmental impact they aim for in their home carries through to their studio practices, through the re-use of materials and careful design decisions.  

Theo is a maker in training and enjoys drawing, reading and singing at home- and playing with clay at the studio.

The products of Michael's fine woodworking fill their  home, and each SKT form is given a test drive by all members of the family. 

When Michael and Susannah are not in the studio or shop, they love visiting the Cincinnati's many parks with Theo or spending time renovating historic buildings with Susannah's father. 

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