Caswell Massey | Yellowstone "Canyon" 15 ml Eau de Toilette
$ 30.00

Caswell Massey | Yellowstone "Canyon" 15 ml Eau de Toilette

The Yellowstone Canyon sits majestically upon the highest elevation in Yellowstone Park, surrounded by clouds of mountain fresh air, a pine forest so fragrant that its highly- perfumed wake is legendary, and a variety of unique indigenous flowers that bloom in the wet meadows. This exhilarating Citrus Aromatic arrives with a flourish of blue lupine, wild crazyweed, and mountain forget-me-not petals leading to a heart of intensely fresh juniper and pine needles. A field of cedarwood and tree moss brings a soft, herbaceous accord to the finish.

Fragrance Family: Citrus Aromatic
Top Notes: blue lupine, wild crazyweed, mountain forget-me-not petals
Heart Notes: pine needles, juniper

Base Notes: cedarwood, tree moss