Donna Ferrato | Staples Street Blizzard
$ 4,800.00

Donna Ferrato | Staples Street Blizzard

30" x 45" , 2011

Gonzo Photographer: Donna Ferrato

North American Blizzard, 19-20" snow. Photo is A White Wall Masterpiece seamless fine art pigment print, with permanent elastic silicone, aluminum Dimond backing 

"I am a woman with a camera. I choose where I walk. I pick whom I walk with. I am the maker of my photographs. This is my credo.

Donna is a a photojournalist and activist known for her coverage of domestic violence, the challenges of being an outsider, and her documentation of TriBeCa. Ferrato has worked for Life, Time, People, The New York Times, and Mother Jones. Her award-winning photographs have appeared in solo exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. She has been a member of the Executive Board of Directors for the Eugene Smith Memorial Fund and was president and founder of the non-profit Domestic Abuse Awareness. A Photo from her book,

Living With the Enemy, was chosen for the cover of Time Magazine. Ferrato's most recent work, Holy, focuses on the life challenges of women, their daughters, and their advocates.