Ring Neck Pheasant Print (Right)
$ 90.00

Ring Neck Pheasant Print (Right)

Printed on a Kozo-Amate paper.

Pieces are intended to be hung with some a leather and steel strap-hanger (sold separately).  

Kozo - Amate paper is handmade by the Otomi Indian artisans of Mexico, the culture of amate paper dates back to pre-Columbian Meso-American times, when Mayan and Aztec Indians painted on it to create codices (accordion-folded books) depicting stories, historical events, and even astrology.

The pulp from these barks is often combined to produce a swirling marble effect. To accomplish this, artisans first wash the bark, and then boil it in a solution of lime juice for several hours. Then they lay the strips on a wooden board, beat them until they fuse together to form the desired texture, and then dry the strips in the sun.