Voronoi III
Voronoi III
Voronoi III
$ 200.00

Voronoi III

The largest sculptural bulb ever made, the Voronoi III is an engineering feat and statement design piece in its own right.

Designed to mimic the Fibonacci sequence seen in pine cones and ferns, the Voronoi range is noted for its distinctive spiral LED filament structure and mouth-blown glass surround.

Best displayed in our Brass pendants and hung in clusters of three, the Voronoi III is energy efficient and beautiful.



Lumens: 250

Equivalent incandescent power: 22W

Efficiency: 44 lm/W

CRI: 95

Wattage: 5W

Input voltage: 110-120V

Base size: E26

Glass finish: Iron tint

Working temperature: -5°C – 40°C

Colour temperature: 2,200

Length/Width: 7 5/8"

Height: 13 1/2"