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10 Jun

"Bounding Main" Highlight: Jacquie Green

Jacquie Green, "A Squabble..."
mixed media on panel, 24" x 36," 2016

Jacquie Green is a multi-talented Toronto-based artist who uses drawing, painting, and collage as a form of first-hand study.

"Often I work from life.  I like to study the world and learn specifically about the details of things, places, people.  I feel that nailing the aspects of colour and value, exploring relationships between one thing and another can give me a true and specific understanding.  And when the understanding is deep and elemental, it can lead to a wonderful painting. "


Jacquie Green, "Land, Ho...," "Coming In," "Landing," "Gull"
mixed media on panel, 24" x 36," 2016

In Green's work, elements of painting, drawing, and collage combine, creating a textural surface revealing its multimedia components only upon close inspection.

"It provides an immediate connection to the world that fascinates me because it is outside the realm of language. When you draw or paint something, you know it in a different, intimate way."

Often, though, I  explore more conceptual ideas or social issues, and then I use all the tricks of the trade, from photography to photoshop, collage and paper, everything I can to make a painting that has an impact. 


Jacquie Green, "Above It All"
mixed media on panel, 24" x 36," 2016

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