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02 Mar

"A Moveable Feast"

Robert Goldstrom, "Kentile, After" oil on canvas panel
Collier West is proud to announce the unveiling of CW Gallery, as well as its first show, A Moveable Feast, featuring the artwork of ten prominent, multi-talented artists. The opening reception will be at 6pm on March 16th, and the show will continue through April.  

In Ernest Hemingway's memoir about his early years as a journalist in Paris, he described his experience in the City of Light as being a "moveable feast...wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you." 
Jessica Augier, "Nimbus," "Eruption," "Poseidal"
Intaglio Ink on Paper 4" x 6" 2015

Exceptional art truly is a feast; an indulgence of the senses that remains in one's mind long after the first experience.  A painting, sculpture, print or drawing is itself a movable feast, an experience of a particular, resonant moment that one can hang on the wall and make their own. With this concept in mind, Collier West embarks on an exciting expansion, the opening of CW Gallery, and our first opening show, Moveable Feast, featuring the diverse works of 10 exceptionally talented artists that exemplify not only the high level of technical prowess Collier West has supported from the beginning, but an investigation of deeper themes and evocative concepts that engage the viewer. Artists Jessica Augier, Aliene de Souza Howell, Guno Park, Nikki Vail, Shauna Finn, Robert Goldstrom, Amanda Scuglia, Nicolas V. Sanchez, Antonio Massarutto, and Tyler Vouros all lend their multi-disciplinary talents to the first of many unforgettable experiences at CW Gallery, an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 
Tyler Vouros, "Aegolius Acadius" 41" x 23" charcoal on paper
The entire collection of "A Moveable Feast" can be found on our homepage:

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