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25 Mar

Antonio Massarutto

Antonio Massarutto's wire sculptures depict a range of fauna from poultry to rhinoceri, and are immediately eye-catching. When seen from afar, they appear to be line drawings pinned to the wall, with a fluidity and grace to the gesture of each mark. Upon closer inspection, their three-dimensional quality becomes evident, with abstracted shadows cast on the wall behind them. The life-like motion and gesture of each pose is built upon a clear understanding of animal anatomy, one that the artist gleaned from his taxidermist father while growing up. Massarutto describes each creature with a succinct number of lines, giving his sculptures the effect of a house of cards; if one wire were to be left out the whole effect would be lost.

Antonio Massarutto "Rooster"
wire sculpture 22" x 22" x 8" 2016

A graduate of the Art Institute at Cordenons and the Academy of Applied Arts in Milan, Massarutto’s creative endeavours comprise two parallel activities – sculpture and design. Among his design clients are BMW, Electrolux, Rosso Design and Rosso Academy, Kong’s KTL Jewellery Manufacturer Ltd., and his commissions include interior design, fashion & accessories, jewellery.

Antonio Massarutto pursues his fine arts interests as sculptor and sculpture teacher. He established his studio in Cortona inspired by the city’s rich cultural heritage. One of the twelve Etruscan federated states, Cortona’s importance is impressively visible not only in its ancient walls and tombs, but also in the finely crafted objects in bronze and terracotta on display today at the city’s Etruscan Academy MAEC.

Antonio Massarutto "Rhinoseros"
wire sculpture 20" x 10" x 8" 2016

His passion for sculpture brought him to Tuscany, where the greatest of the sculptors lived and worked. In the vicinity of Cortona Antonio Massarutto discovered ideal locations for his materials – pietra serena (sandstone) quarries, travertine marble near the spa town of Rapolano, clay in the nearby Siena hills or Crete as they are known, and the noblest of them all, Carrara marble. But Tuscan nature came up with another kind of inspiration. His stylized animals in mixed media, be they wild boar or deer, have captured the imagination of collectors from all over the world.

Antonio Massarutto "Chicken"
wire sculpture 22" x 20" x 8" 2016


More of Antonio Massarutto's work can be found at:


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