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04 Apr

Guno Park

Subway riders lost in their own thoughts or asleep entirely, flora and fauna of all varieties, many from the taxidermy at the New York Museum of Natural History, quiet still-life's and gesture drawings full of life and motion; Guno Park's drawings seem to cover every conceivable subject matter but have one thing in common: an arresting sense of volume and form told through a masterful artistic hand.

Guno Park "MTA Sleeper"
ink on paper11" x 15" 2016

Unlike contour drawing, that describes a given form by its outline, a kind of peripheral description of the subjects exterior shape, cross-contour drawing describes a form by it's interior volume. Lines bend and arc, rolling over convexities and converging in concavities, expanding and contracting over the surface. While a contour line can describe a shape in a single, exterior stroke, cross-contour is the sum of countless strokes that combine to describe an overall image. Guno Park's cross-contour drawing is unrivaled. With a precise, hatching stroke, he indicates not only the folds of a puffy jacket worn by a sleeping subway rider, but the pinching of that fabric in areas around stitching. By condensing his lines, he creates the illusion of the inky dark in the eye-socket of a skull, or by only a bare minimum of strokes the sun drenched pate of that skull. That he is able to so thoroughly describe form and light through the hatching strokes of a ballpoint pen is awe-inspiring.

Guno Park "Skull's Crack"
ink on paper 13" x 10.75" 2016

Even in quicker gesture drawings, like the one below done from a live model, Guno is able to par down the number of hatching cross-contour lines to the essentials, describing the female form in a few quick and unfussy lines that capture the pose and gesture masterfully. Color temperature is added with a light wash of watercolour, a modulation of cools and warms that wrap over the figure and add to the illusion of dimensionality on a two-dimensional surface.

Guno Park "Back Twist"
ink and watercolor on paper 9" x 12" 2015


More of Guno Park's work can be found at:






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